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The Lebanese Council to Resist Violence against Woman (LECORVAW)
More then Ten years of combating violence in Lebanon (1997-Till Now)

A few years ago, the issue of violence against women (VAW) was not recognized or talked about in the Lebanese society. VAW was considered as an internal family affair and dealt with on an individual basis. This view was and still is reflected in the absence of any social and legal structures that can provide some protection for the women who are subjected to violence.
It is within this context that the Lebanese Council to resist violence against Women (LECORVAW) was created in March 1997 with the main objective of divulging the taboo issue of VAW and working on establishing social and legal structures that can prevent this social problem. LECORVAW, the only organization in Lebanon exclusively dedicated to combating VAW be it physical, emotional, sexual, economical, etc… has over the past few years made inroads in transforming the social perception of the Lebanese public on the issue of VAW and in breaking the silence by mobilizing public support against female abuse.

LECORVAW’s strategy is based on two parallel but intertwined pillars:

A) Responding and addressing directly to all on-going cases of VAW.
B) Reducing and eventually eliminating future cases of VAW by raising awareness and lobbying for legal reform


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