Research and Publication

LECORVAW issues different books, reports and media materials. So far it had published the following:

1 - Periodical reports involving the cases received by the Listening and Counseling Center.

2- The Echo of Silence
LECORVAW issues on a non-regular basis a newsletter titled:” The Echo of Silence” where each publication issue describes a true testimony of an abused woman that accessed LECORVAW through our Listening and Counseling Center seeking Help. The testimony is followed by sociological and legal comments. The newsletter as well includes different subjects directly or indirectly related to woman, like: health, psychological tests, advices for a healthy relationship free of violence, children’ issues etc… and a description of the activities and projects executed by LECORVAW.

3- Roundtable on sexuality, Femininity and Masculinity
In 2002, LECORVAW co-organized with the Turkish NGO Women’s Human Rights a round table on: “Deconstructing Masculinity and Femininity in the Middle East and Maghreb” in Beirut and published a book titled “ Arab Public Hearing on Legal Violence and Equality in the family” written by the Arab court.

4- A report titled: “Honour: its Concept and Indications” – 2004

5- Child Sexual Abuse Booklet
In 2001, LECORVAW issued a booklet on Child Sexual Abuse for the adolescents

6- Publication on 100 cases
In 2002, LECORVAW published its most comprehensive book on VAW, titled " GAWARI 2001 “ House slaves in 2001: a study about Violence against Women in The family Background”, written by Dr. Rafif Rida Sidawi

7- "SHADOWS": documentary film about domestic violence- 2004

8- A guidebook for training sessions involving prevention against domestic violence, issued by 2005 with partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA).

9 - "Honour" Crimes, paradigms, and violence against women" - 2005
Honour" brings together the practical insights and experiences of individuals and organizations working in diverse regions and contexts to combat "Crimes of Honour". The first of its kind, this book serves as a resource in addressing "Honour Crimes" and more broadly, violence against women, and will be of interest to a multi- disciplinary academic audience as well as to lawyers, policy- makers and activists.

10 - CD about promoting the rights of women & children through information -2005.

11- A book titled:
“Solutions for Violence in the Code of Medical Ethics and the Penal Code”- 2005

12- Report about the sexual violence against female Teenagers in Lebanon- 2006. (Rafif Rida Sidawi)

This report addresses three types of sexual violence that teenagers-girls in Lebanon are subjected to: early marriage, "honour" based violence, sexual abuse and other forms of sexual violence against young girls.

13- A guidebook on “Advocacy and how to deal with Media” - 2006

14- Murders of women in Lebanon
Crimes of "Honour", between reality and the law
"Danielle hoyek- Rafif Rida Sidawi- Amira Abou Mrad"- 2007

This research aims to provide a historical, legal and social analysis of Article 562 of the penal code how is related to what are known as ": crimes of honour", and the judicial treatment of " crimes of honour" through on examination of case files and the jurisprudence of Lebanese courts.

15- Primary instructions involving Post - Trauma Psychological Health– LECORVAW – 2006

16- A guidebook to reduce Sexual harassment against Female Teenagers

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